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Transmogrification is a custom Turtle-Wow feature that allows players to alter the appearance of their weapons and armor for a fee (Fashion Coins). Its designed to be an Optional End-Game system, which player could choose to partake in. Transmogrification provides no practical benefits and is purely cosmetic function. Coins, that are used as a payment, are earned through repeatable Quests.

Basic concept[]

This feature is accessible through a dedicated NPCs and has two main parts:

  1. Quest NPC, purpose of which is - providing a way for player to earn Fashion Coins(special currency);
  2. Transmogrification NPC, that gives access to the feature-related UI and allows to use it.

Fashion Coins are required to perform Transmogrification, the price is 1 per slot. Finishing quests (provided by the designated npcs) is the only way to aquire Fashion Coins. Those quests require player to supply certain amount of materials or items to complete. The range of items very from intermediate crafting mats and items crafted out of them to different obscure mob drops. Quest difficulty (e.g. amount of items required/item tiers) increases with your level.

The UI.[]

In order to use this feature player is required to access the Fashionista NPC, resposible of bringing its UI. There is no button or addon that can bring it up, you have to talk to the NPC.

The main body of the UI consist of 2 parts - your character outfit presentation on the left, and the galery of all aquired equipment skins to the right. It looks like like this:


Character Outfit Presentation(left part).[]

The left part of this UI consist of:

  1. Outfit drop out menu, which allows player to save their current outfit for later;
  2. Reset button, which allows player to reset all changes and show equipped gear;
  3. The main body, where player's character and their equipment is presented;
  4. Currency display, that shows how many coins player has;
  5. Apply button, that applies all changes. Be aware - applying your Transmog will deduct coins.


The gallery(right).[]

The right side is contextual, as if it changes as you interract with the UI. In order to start player has to choose the equipment they want to change using coresponding buttons around their character model. Upon picking a slot to transmog the menu to the right will change. As an example(picture), clicking on the Chest slot will change right-side menu in to the gallery with all avalable models for the Chest Armor that player has unlocked.

The Gallery part consist of:

  1. main body, which displays all avalable models you can use for the chosen slot;
  2. model tracker bar, which shows how many models for this particular slot player has collected so far.

Applying Transmog.[]

Steps to apply your transmog are as follows:

  1. Choose a piece of equipment you want to transmog by clicking on its icon around your character model;
  2. Use the gallery to choose the new model you want to apply;
  3. Repeat this for every other piece of equipment you want to transmog;
  4. Check the "Apply" button for the price, make sure you have enough Coins;
  5. Reevaluate your choices and make sure you really want it. There is no way to refund the Coins as far as im aware of;
  6. Click "Apply";
  7. Profit.

Acquiring new models.[]

In order to unlock more equipment models player is required to get desired equipment and equip it. After equiping eligeble piece of gear player will be greeted with a message in their chat. The message will say that this particular model was succesfuly added to their collection. Player can only save models of eqiupment their class/faction is eligeble to wear. Players can not get oposite faction's gear for transmog. The collection is also not shared between player's other characters and is saved per character.

Important note:
Transmogrification system changes the model of the chosen item, rather then the slot. Transmogrifing your Main Hand Weapon, for example, and equiping new one will make your weapon use the model of equiped one. It will not carry over transmog made for previous piece of gear in to the new one. Make sure you transmog the right equipment so you wont waste Coins. And remember - no refunds.

Where to get?[]

Alliance 15.png Alliance Alliance 15.png[]

In order to acces this feature on Alliance side player has to talk to:

  1. Felicia <Stormwind Fashionista> , Transmogrification NPC;
  2. Ophelia Worthington <Fashionista Apprentice>, Quest related NPC.

You can find them at the Stormwind Fashion House located on the main street(Trade District), third shop to the right of the Guild Registration Office.

Horde 15.png Horde Horde 15.png[]

In order to acces this feature on Horde side player has to talk to:

  1. Herrina <Orgrimmar Fashionista>, Transmogrification NPC.
  2. Zora <Fashionista Apprentice>, Quest related NPC.

Both NPCs could be found in front of the Bank, in Orgrimmar.

Quest Tiers and requirements.[]

All quests are repeatable, for as long as player stays in their level brackets. All quests, except the "yellow one"(look below), reward you with one coin upon completion.

After reaching new level bracket the NPC will automaticaly switch to the quest that represents it. Player will lose the ability to redo quest from the previous bracket as they outlevel it, so keep that in mind.

Level brackets for Fashion Coin quests and their requirements are:
Level Requirements Additional notes (with links)
Level 10-19
  • Small Leather Collar is a rare drop which you can get from low level(1-12) cats and wolfs.
  • Malachite could be farmed from low level dungeon mobs or as a bonus drop from Mining Copper ore.
Level 20-29
  • Shadowgem is a rare drop from 15-30(mostly elite) mobs and could be also mined from Tin or Copper ore. The chance to get is low tho.
  • Small Furry Paw is a rare drop which you can get from low-med level(10-20) cats.
Level 30-39
  • Stylish Green Shirt is a Tailoring Recipe, which requires skill level of 120. Its one per quest. The farmable materials required are 12 Wool Cloth.
  • Torn Bear Pelts are a rare drop from med level(20-30) Bears.
Level 40-49
  • Murloc Scale Bracers is a Leatherworking Recipe, which requires skill level of 190. You can buy it at "Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks" shop in Booty Bay, from Blixrez Goodstitch. If he does not have it - its on cooldown. Wait. The farmable materials required are 16 Thick Murloc Scales, 1 Cured Heavy Hide and 14 Heavy Leather.
  • Golden Scale Cuirass is a Blacksmith Recipe, which requires skill level of 195. This one also comes from the scroll. You can farm it in the Scarlet Monastery dungeon. The last one. The farmable materials required are 12 Steel Bars, 2 Gold Bars, 4 Heavy Grinding Stones and 2 Jades.
Level 50-59
  • Star Ruby is a rare drop from high level mobs(50+), can also drop from Mythril ore veins.
  • White Wedding Dress is a Tailoring Recipe, which requires skill level of 250. One per quest. The recipe comes from the scroll and is sold in Stormwind tailoring shop(Mage district)/Thunder Bluff Leatherworking shop, from a supply guy. The farmable materials required are 25 Mageweave.
  • Deadly Bronze Poniard is a Blacksmith Recipe, which require skill level of 125. One needed. The problem is that this recipe comes from a scroll, which you have to get in the world. A lot of Shadowfang Keep(dungeon) mobs can drop it. The farmable materials required are 4 Bronze Bars, 1 Swiftness Potion, 2 Shadowgems, 2 Coarse Grinding Stones, and 2 Medium Leather.
Level 51(60)
  • Righteous Orb is a rare drop from Elite Scarlet Crusade members that reside in Stratholme(main enterance) or Hearthglen(Western Plaguelands).
  • Flawless Draenethyst Sphere is a rare drop from Blasted Lands mobs.
  • This quest rewards you with 3(three) Coins.
Level 60
  • Golden Pearl rare drop from Big-Mouth Clam, a level 40+ mob drop. Drops from Nagas, crabs and all other water/sea related monsters.
  • Long Soft Tail is a rare drop from mid-high level(40-55) beasts, which have a soft tail(tigers, jaguars, panthers, sabers).
  • Delicate Feather is a rare drop from mid-high level(30-59) birds/bird-related creatures. Owlbeasts and cloud serpents included.

Additional notes[]

  • If you don't care about "the journey" or its to much of a hussle to you, you can use a twink to mail them level 10-19 resourses for the quest and farm coins that way. This will obviously require you to have a leveled character and some gold;
  • I dont think there is a way to trade coins, at all. Not even between your own characters;
  • There is no refund mechanic for Fashion Coins as far as im aware of, "Apply" your transmog resposibly.
  • Equip every piece of equipment you have before vendoring it, to save its model.
  • Its supposed to be an Optional End-Game system, you are not expected to get them immediately - its supposed to be a "long ride". You would need twinks in order to fulfill the requirements on your own. Or a lot of gold. Either way - its a bit tedious but pretty do-able.
  • As for now, there is no way to "aquire" Fashion Coins through "donations".