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AllianceThe Water Rat
Start Sergeant Blackwell
End Sergeant Blackwell
Level 54
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 4850
Rewards Jorgy's Golden Ear-Ring

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Find 'Water Rat' Jorgy on Lapidis Isle and return his head to Sergeant Blackwell in Caelan's Rest.

  • Head of Jorgy


A group of pirates led by 'Water Rat' Jorgy ambushed us and left us stranded ashore. Our sister ship fared much worse than we have, but still, we have endured many hardships upon this island. The battle off the shore destroyed all three ships. Jorgy's ship was running ashore after taking on water at the western side of the island. He and his men have become trapped much like we are, and I know he still is out there. I want you to claim his head for the death of Admiral Caelan. Bring it to me, and I'll give you the golden earring he is known for. Check the western side of the island along the Bright Coast. He and his crew remain there.


  • 4850 XP


Have you had any luck?


Admiral Caelan's death has been avenged, the captain from each ship now lies in a grave. I thank you for what you've done. The Marines will be overjoyed with such news of vengeance.