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AllianceThe Tower of Lapidis V
Start Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver
End Hydromancer Flakereef
Level 55
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 4750
Previous The Tower of Lapidis VII
Next The Tower of Lapidis IX

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Obtain Pethax's Horn for Insom'ni on Kazon Island.

  • Pethax's Horn: 0/1


<It would only take a single glance at the key with inquisitive eyes for the troll to crack a small smirk.>

I can do this, though I must wonder why I would help you, especially for free, and at no cost. If you want me to work the magic of this key, and attune it for you, I will need a favor from you. There is a satyr of whom I knew a long time ago, one who still walks this world today. Let us say that me and him are not on the best of standing and I want you to bring me one of his gnarled horns from his battered corpse. Travel to Felwood, to the Ruins of Constellas, you will find Pethax Blackhorn there, it is his horn I desire.


  • 4750 XP


Have you found that blackhearted mongrel yet?


<The troll looks almost filled with glee.>

You have done well, this wretch had much worse coming to him, but this shall do, especially given my current state. Fine, give me that key, I will do as you asked, my word is my bond.


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