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AllianceThe Tower of Lapidis III
Start Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver
End Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver
Level 55
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 4750
Previous The Tower of Lapidis II
Next The Tower of Lapidis IV

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Gather a Pure Aqua Orb from Water Elementals in Feralas, and bring it to Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver.

  • Pure Aqua Orb: 0/1


Lapidis was always an interesting, if strange man. At the time we hadn't considered his refusal to our curiosity as something potentially bad. But hearing of what he has done upon Lapidis Isle has certainly shifted my opinion.

<Ansirem Runeweaver studies the Shimmering Brass Key.>

It would appear that this key still has lingering of magic upon it. It is possible to reconstruct the enchantment, but may take considerable power and reagents to do so. If they key is to work upon the lock as suggested, it will need to be both attuned and enchanted to the magic that once powered it.

It is within my power to enchant this key with the same magic that once powered it. The coast of Feralas is covered in water elementals. Bring me a Pure Aqua Orb from one of them, it should be sufficient and powerful enough to mimic the magic of the key.


  • 4750 XP


Has the orb been obtained?


Excellent work, with this orb I can begin to work with the magic of this key to replicate some of the traces that are present.


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