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AllianceThe Tower of Lapidis
Start Colonel Hardinus
End Hydromancer Flakereef
Level 55
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 300
Next The Tower of Lapidis II

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Speak with Hydromancer Flakereef in Caelan's Rest.


The Tower of Lapidis looms over us like a great evil that could destroy us at any minute. When we first arrived upon this island the Arch Hydromancer Lapidis set to constructing a tower with the help of some of our workers and his own elementals of water. With his great power, the tower was constructed much before the town of Caelan's Rest had gotten its footing. With his power he gained an alliance with both the trolls of Zul'Hazu, and the ogres of the Gordosh Heights. He has been working against us since then, and has not spoken with us since the tower has been erected, guarded constantly by powerful water elementals, and sealed by a magical door. If there is ever to be a hope for us, the Arch Hydromancer Lapidis must be slain. Flakereef was a fellow Hydromancer, and worked beneath Lapidis, if there is anyone who knows where to begin, it will be him.


  • 300 XP


Oh, yes, has the Colonel sent you?


So, we are finally doing something about Lapidis. It will be a tough task, given how powerful the man is.


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