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Have you heard the tragedy of The Knights Templar? Well,you're about to now.

Early Life[]

So one day,a chap by the name of Aurrius The Pure was released from the Stormwind County Jail after he served a sentance of 4 years for posting innapropriate memes on his social media accounts.He wished to create an environment,a guild if you will,to congergate with his fellow degenerates.He traveled to Deadwind Pass and behind the towering tower of Karazhan he found ''The Holy Place'' as he refered to it.What was this so-called ''holy place''? Well,it was a ruined church.And so,this church became a temple of his new order.Aurrius always wanting to be one of them kightly types so he decided to name this new order ''The Knights Templar''.Soon enough he would have his first member as just after proclaming the formation of this new order to a crowd of a whole 0 people,he started hearing some noises from outside.He went outside to check what creature was making the noise and to his shock it was another human,sure it was a crazy hobo probably high on meth but still a human nontheless.This crazed hobo said something about ''being the brother of Othmar Garithos'';Aurrius was very confused and creeped out by the hobo yet still felt sorry for him so he took the hobo under his wing as a squire...the first member of this order.Soon enough,more and more would join.

The Good Times[]

This new order kept growing and growing.And as people started joining,they started going on adventures:crusades,debaucery,going to the Goldshire GoldenholeTM to ''relax'' a bit from all the adevtures and also posting innapropriate memes on social media(in the buisness,we call this foreshadowing).Soon enough,this order had any type of person.They had:[removed],shitposters,furries,[removed],edgelords,knights,hentai addicts,weebs and more.They were at the top of the world and nothing seemed like it could crumble the knightly empire of Aurrius.That was until one day...

The Incident[]

One night in Booty Bay,Aurrius along side his band of misfits decided to get smashingly drunk.Aurrius,in his inabriated state,decided to take innapropriate selfies of himself and compile them into a book.His great genius mind decided to mass produce it and sell it to the commoners so that they may witness the great ''assets'' of Aurrius.Despite the book being a huge succes and bringing even more attention to The Knights Templar,it also brough a lot of infamy.It got to the point that many members began questioning wether or not they wanted to remain in whilst knowing that their grandmaster is a whore;and so a mass exodus began.Many started to leave the order...

The Begining of The End[]

Some former templars such as the mighty Grohkan Bloodyblade or the honorable Vaedath Avernus tried forming their own orders....they didn't last long sadly.As the days went by,The Knights Templar was bleeding it's members more and more.Desprate and depressed,Aurrius alongside his council of top templars tried recruiting more people to their cause but naught could bring in more recruits.In the end they decided to call it quits and move on their own paths.Aurrius wished them all a glorious and prosperous future.And with that,they all bid each other farewell and walked their own paths.

Where are they now?[]

After the disbanding of the order,most members went on to join diffrent guilds or started their own guilds.The hobo guy ended up wandering into the woods and was never heard from again.Now,you may ask ''But what happened to Aurrius?'' Well....he got sent to jail AGAIN.How? He got caught posting innapropriate memes on his social media again.Now he is serving a 10 year without parole.

The End.[]

This post may have been made when the writer was high or drunk...or both.