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AllianceThe Boran Family
Start Arnold Boran
End Arnold Boran
Level 51
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 4650
Rewards 80s

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Deliver the letters from Arnold Boran to his two brothers.

  • Deliver Letter to Karl: 0/1
  • Deliver Letter to Samual: 0/1
  • Letter from Karl: 0/1
  • Letter from Samual: 0/1


I come from a large family, one that once occupied the boroughs of Kul Tiras. We weren't exactly a rich family, but we were not poor either! I traveled out with two of my brothers when the Third War started up in Lordaeron, hoping to earn some fortune and glory. I helped the navy, my brother Karl started work in Menethil Harbor, while Samual went to Southshore to assist the war effort.

Ever since I set sail years ago, I have had no communication with them, and would like to reach out if you could deliver a letter to the both of them. They must have thought I perished after so long without a word or peep and I want to ease their minds.


  • 80s
  • 4650 XP


Have you seen my brothers yet? It will require travelling, but I would appreciate it greatly.


My family has always been close knit, and I know that such a long length without hearing from me would certainly cause worry. I am simply happy to dispell such concern and let them know all is fine. Thanks again, this has meant a lot for me.