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AllianceThe Aqua Stone
Start Hydromancer Vanessa
End Hydromancer Vanessa
Level 51
Type Group
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 5200

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Recover the Aqua Stone from Hargul the Hardy.

  • Aqua Stone


Margon the Mighty and his son Hargul the Hardy are two sea giants that roam the island of Lapidis and the surrounding waters. Hargul especially has been something of a nuissance and attacked Caelan's Rest many weeks ago. Whilst no one was harmed he did make away with a few items of importance before the Marines had assembled and figured out a plan to stop him. One such item was the Aqua Stone, a magically potent stone that has been channeled with the energy of powerful Hydromancers. With this stone we were able to store more accurately channel our abilities. I would like you to reclaim it, to slay Hargul the Hardy and reclaim this valueable treasure, not just for us Hydromancers, but so that it does not fall in the wrong hands. You should find Hargul somewhere off the coast of Lapidis, he was last seen on the Bright Coast, to the west.


  • 5200 XP


The Aqua Stone is of much importance to us here and it must be recovered.


This is it! We had abandoned all serious hopes of reclaiming it, and now it is in our posession once again. A marvelous day, and it is all thanks to you.