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AllianceSailors Innovation
Start 'Slim'
End 'Slim'
Level 51
Category Lapidis Isle
Experience 4850
Rewards 80s

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Collect 6 Juicy Crawler Legs and a Pinch of Salt for 'Slim' in Caelan's Rest.

  • Juicy Crawled Leg (6)
  • Pinch of Salt


From our time at sea it is us Sailors who come up with the fine dining aboard ship and stuck on land. The same meals can get repetitive over, and over again, and so it is time to improvise and innovate. I came up with this recipe some time ago when we spent a few days on Tel'Abim. All we had were sand crawlers and banana, fry it up together, and add a pinch of salt, and that was quite a meal! Sadly, we don't got bananas, but I do know that Chef Jenkel has some salt. Get the salt from him, and gather 6 Juicy Crawler Legs from any sort of sand crawler around these islands, then I can finally have a change of meal.


  • 4850 XP


Make sure those crawler legs are juicy!


Ahh, yeah this should be everything, a meal worthy for the Admiral!