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AllianceRemnants of Lordaeron
Main leader IconSmall Human Male.gif Captain Silas
Race(s) IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall Human Female.gif Human
Base of operations Remnants Camp
Theater of operations Tirisfal Glades
Affiliation Lordaeron, Alliance
Status Active

The Remnants of Lordearon are an Alliance-friendly faction located in the Tirisfal Uplands of the Tirisfal Glades. They are led by Captain Silas and base out of the Remnants Camp, a derelict former outpost of the Army of Lordaeron. In addition to their main camp, they also hold the Shatteridge Tower and the Garrick Stead.



  • The Remnants fall under the Alliance Affiliates faction, and their associated quests do not give any reputation.