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Alah'Thalas Turtle.jpg
Type Town
Leader(s) Vereesa Windrunner
Race(s) IconSmall HighElf Male.gifIconSmall HighElf Female.gif High elves
Language(s) Thalassian, Common
Faith(s) Holy Light
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon Remnant, Alliance
Status Active

Alah'Thalas (meaning Land of Light in Thalassian) is a high elven city situated on a peninsula near Quel'Thalas. It is the larger of the three major concentrations of high elves in Lordaeron and is one of the very last high elven settlements.


Roughly a century before the Third War high elves of Quel'Thalas founded an outpost and empowered it by an arcane crystal infused with the energies of the Sunwell itself. However, some time later it was abandoned for the unknown reason and remained uninhabited until recent time.

World of Warcraft[]

The outpost was rediscovered after the Third War by the Silvermoon Remnants with an information from Dalaran's archives. It was settled by thalassian refugees and was called Alah'Thalas - the Land of Light in their language. Now elves of Alah'Thalas are looking for the help of volunteers from the Alliance in their mission to maintain the city and protect the remnants of their once great race.


Unlike Farstrider Lodges across Azeroth that have a kaldorei-like wooden architecture, Alah'Thalas is the only place outside Quel'Thalas that was built with traditional quel'dorei architecture. City structures use arcane magic to operate - with central crystal as the main power source and smaller crystals to effectively channel the arcane energy from the nexus to the buildings' ley points.


The inn of the Golden Dawn Institute.

  • The Golden Dawn Institute is a floating building that is connected with Stormwind City via the portal. It is a place for refugees and travellers from afar. The Orb of Translocation that is placed here can be used to go down to Alah'thalas proper.
  • The tower opposite the entrance to the institute serves as a workplace of arcanist Anu'delen and his assistents.
  • The Silver Sun mine is a motherlode full of arcane crystal deposits that is vital for proper function of all structures in Alah'Thalas. It also filled with malfunctioned automatic constructs.
  • The Citadel of the Sun that lies over the shores of the peninsula is the beating heart of Alah'Thalas. It houses the new Magistry, the headquarters of the Rangers, and the seat of the Council. Also it is where the crystal of Alah'Thalas located.


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